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Board Members

As citizens who serve children and represent their communities, individual school board members face complex and demanding challenges. Yet, few people fully understand the scope and far-reaching implications of board members’ responsibilities. All Texans should recognize the vital contributions of these men and women and focus attention on the crucial role these elected leaders play in the education of our children. They truly make a difference every day.

Their job is to establish a vision for the education program, design a structure to achieve that vision, assure schools are accountable to the community, and strongly advocate continuous improvement in student learning. That job entails an endless string of meetings and school functions to attend; reams of reports, agendas, proposals, and other information to read and study; and a host of difficult decisions to make. Panola Schools is proud to introduce you to these men and women who help maintain the maximum level of success for all of our students within our district.

2020-2021 Board Members
School Board Members

* Mr. Carlton Shamburger - President

* Mr. Martin Clark Sr. - Secretary

* Ms. Glenda Everett

* Mrs. Janet Humber
* Mr. Dale Reed
* Mr. Todd Malone
* Mrs. Polly Maines