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Online Guidelines for using Social Networking
Online safety and responsible use guidelines for students & parents include:

* Be kind to others. Think how you would feel if someone posted similar things about you.
* Think before you post. Material posted in these communities is public, could damage your reputation,   or could be used to harm you. It is not private!
* Take steps to protect yourself and others from bullying and harassment. Report concerns to the Web
site and to a trusted adult.
* Report to an adult if someone posts threats of violence or self-harm. Such threats could be real
threats. Don't post threats yourself. Someone might take you seriously.
* Develop "stranger danger" detection skills. People online might not be who they seem to be. Develop a
safety plan for meeting online friends that is approved by your parent.
* Stop the predators. If you have been contacted by someone you think might be a sexual predator,
report it to a trusted adult.