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Student Alumni » Bremmen Derry, PECHS 2015 Alumnus

Bremmen Derry, PECHS 2015 Alumnus

I loved my experience with Panola Early College High School. I had moved the summer between my junior & senior year so I didn't know anyone. My previous school was an early college and I was really thankful that there was this opportunity to continue my education there. It was also a very close-knit community, so even though I was new, we were all friends by midterms. What I loved the most was that while there, of course, were groups and not all of us may have talked to each other every day, no matter what, we were family and we cared about each other. 
The other big reason I am so grateful for this opportunity is that I decided as a kid I was going to serve a 2-year mission for my church, so coming here put me bask even with a majority of other people.
My experience at Panola Early College High School was great and I learned a lot of what is it like to be in college and how to deal with the stress as I just recently got accepted into my next school where I will begin earning a Bachelor degree.